Healthy body healthy mind. Getting adjusted by Mike immediately relieves strain and tension in the body which often goes undetected due to our busy lifestyles. I trust him implicitly.

Natalie Beveridge

Dr. Barbour has correctly diagnosed and treated several injuries of mine, that no other chiropractor could get right. Trust me, I've been through the chiro mill. Two thumbs up.

Alex Forsyth-Thompson

Dr. Barbour is without doubt the best at what he does! He's thorough and truly dedicated!

Andreas Forsyth-Thompson

Dr Barbour is without doubt the best Chiropractor in Johannesburg!

Michael Forsyth-Thompson

Dr. Barbour is absolutely brilliant! I'd recommend him anyday. Fantastic man too!

Grant Bullimore

Dr Michael Barbour was my Chiropractor in 2006 when I was suffering from back pain related to Scoliosis. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for exceptional care.

The pain in my lower back that I had for years has gone and so I am able to sleep properly again. My anxiety has dropped, I'm calmer and more rational, am making better decisions. I feel fantastic. The combination of Neurobalance and Chirporactic at the Peak Performance Clinic has changed my life. My boss has seen the changes in me and will be going through the process next.