Sports Injury Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy

The majority of sport related injuries involve a combination of the following: muscle, ligament, cartilage, joint capsule as well as the joint itself. Dr. Michael Barbour aims to address all of these areas through the use of a number of different modalities.  These treatments include the following:  joint manipulation & mobilization, soft tissue therapies including massage, electrotherapy, rehabilitation and other movement and exercise therapies. The treatment may also look at the prevention of injury and the optimization of athletic performance for the individual. Although it is important to treat an injury when it arises, it is vital that we understand why the problem occurred in the first place so that we can prevent the injury from occurring again. The clinic has recently purchased the Winks Green Transeva for Physiotherapy rehabilitation which is currently being used by the Sharks Rugby Team's medical staff for sprains, strains and any soft tissue related injuries.