The brain produces waves of different frequency according to its current activity. For example, when you are sleeping your brain waves should be slow, when you are working on a math problem your brain should be producing faster waves in order to complete this task.

The process of Neurobalance is one that measures any abnormalities in these brainwaves, which can occur as a result of several factors like emotional traumas or physical stress. Non-invasive sensors are then placed on different parts of the head to read the brains data. Very specific software is then used to translate this data into sound, which is played back to the brain so that it can recognize the imbalance and recalibrate itself accordingly. The result is that the brainwaves have been balanced and the brains ability to function at its optimal level in different situations has been restored.

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Rory Park-Ross

Rory Park-Ross

Neurobalancing Specialist

Rory Park-Ross grew up in Johannesburg, where he trained as a mechanical engineer and has worked  in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Saldanha and in Malawi as an Engineer. Back in Cape Town in 2000, he made beautiful aluminium garden furniture that was sold in places like Harrods in London.


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